Central Policy/Scheme

No. Title Technology Year
1 Scheme For Continuation Of Generation Based Incentive For Grid Interactive Wind Power Projects For 12th Plan Period Wind Power 2013
2 Small Hydro Power Programme (upto 25 MW Capacity) - 2014 Small Hydro 2014
3 Scheme To Support 'Promotion Of Grid Interactive Biomass Power And Bagasse Cogeneration In Sugar Mills' During The 12th Plan Period - 2014 Bagasse Cogen, Biomass 2014
4 Scheme For Programme On 'Small Wind Energy And Hybrid Systems (SWES)' - 2013 Wind Power 2013
5 'Scheme For Promotion Of Grid Interactive Power Generation Projects Based On Renewable Energy During The 12th Five Year Plan Period - Wind Power Projects - 2013' Wind Power 2013
6 Policy For Repowering Of The Wind Power Projects - 2016 Wind Power 2016
7 National Offshore Wind Energy Policy - 2015 Wind Power 2015
8 Implementation Of Pilot-cum-Demonstration Project For Development Of Grid Connected Solar PV Power Plants On Canal Banks And Canal Tops - 2014 Solar Energy 2014
9 Implementation Of Biomass Gasifier Based Projects For Rural Areas And Grid Connected During The Remaining Period Of The 12th Five Year Plan - 2014 Biomass 2014
10 Implementation Of National Biogas And Manure Management Programme (NBMMP) During 12th Five Year Plan- 2014 Biogas 2014
11 Programme On Energy From Urban, Industrial And Agricultural Wastes /
Residues During 12th Plan Period - 2013
Waste to Energy 2013
12 Scheme For Off-Grid And Decentralized Solar Cooker Programme - 2014 Solar Energy 2014
13 Scheme For Setting Up Of 1000 MW CTU-connected Wind Power Projects - 2016 Wind Power 2016
14 Biogas Power (off-grid) Programme For Decentralized Power Generation Applications And Thermal Applications During 2015-16 And The Remaining Period Of 12th Five Year Plan - 2016-17 Biogas 2015
15 Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (Phase II) Solar Energy 2011
16 Draft National Policy On Renewable Energy Based Mini/Micro Grids - 2016 Micro-grid 2016
17 Scheme To Support Promotion Of Biomass Based Co-generation In Sugar Mills And Other Industries In The Country (up To March 2020) Biomass 2019
18 Program On Energy From Urban, Industrial And Agricultural Wastes/Residues For 2017-18, 2018-19 And 2019-20 Waste to Energy 2019
19 Solar Photovoltaics, Systems, Devices And Components Goods (Requirements For Compulsory Registration) Order, 2017 Solar Energy 2017
20 National Wind-Solar Hybrid Policy – 2018 Solar Energy, Wind Power 2018
21 Scheme For Enhancement Of Capacity From 20000 MW To 40000 MW For Development Of Solar Parks And Ultra Mega Solar Power Projects Solar Energy 2018

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